Panacea Health Products, LLC was founded in New Jersey in 2011. The company has been started by the scientists who spent more than 20 years working in the leading research institutes in the USA such as Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. These people represented a team of experienced scientific enthusiasts excited by the idea of application of ancient medical remedies and modern technology for the development new promising formulations for cosmetic and health industry. 

      A few years later their efforts gave first results. A new technology of extraction of biologically active substances from the mountain wax called shilajit has been developed. Shilajit was used for thousands of years for treatment of many diseases and for wound healing. The scientists of Panacea Health Products company have found the method to unleash the power of the shilajit and increase its healing capabilities in hundreds of times (patent pending).  This technology can be applied to make multiple health products such as joint pain and arthritis remedies, burns creams, wound healing remedies, wrinkle removing and skin regenerating cosmetic creams etc.

     For a few years, our company has gone from a concept to the commercial product which we are pleased to introduce to you. Our extra strength shilajit cream designed to help people with joint pain, arthritis and lower back pain as well as to improve the look of the skin is on sale. You can buy it right now on this web-store.

      Also, Panacea Health Products company develops and sells kitchen gadgets for healthy cooking. One of these gadgets – manual citrus squeezer is already on sale. This squeezer makes fresh, rich in vitamin C lemon juice effortlessly in a few seconds. Maden of high-quality stainless steel this tool is very reliable and efficient. We recommend to have it in the every kitchen.